Map Features Menu

The Map Features menu contains the following:

         Base Map Menu: Displays the base map.

         Generic Menu: Configurable map features such as state/province names, borders, and boundaries.

         Radar Menu: Configurable radar features.

Base Map Menu

        Standard: Shows residential areas (shown in brown color).

        Simplified: Shows no residential areas.

        Terrain: Shows mountains and other elevations as a “shaded relief” image.

Generic Menu

         International borders: Adds international border lines.

         State/province boundaries: Adds state/province boundary lines.

         Roads: Adds roads.

         Labels: Adds state/province names, city names, and major road names.

         Lat/lon gird: Adds a latitude-longitude grid.

Radar Features

         Radar Names: Name and location of the radars that produced the data file.

         Range Rings: Adds range rings (in km).

         Floating Time Label: Adds a time label, based on the time of the currently selected product, that can be moved anywhere on the map by left-clicking and dragging it.


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