Product Type

A drop-down list of product types. The available product types are:

         BASE: Echo Base—a color-coded map of echo base heights for the selected dBZ contour used for determining the base of echoes.

         CAPPI: Constant Altitude Plan Position Indicator—a horizontal cut at a selected altitude used for surveillance, severe storm identification, and monitoring the weather at specific flight levels for air traffic applications.

         LAYER: Layer Average—used to compute layer averages of any polar data types in the ingest files. In addition, it can convert to liquid first, and thus compute VIL Density.

         MAX: Maximum Reflectivity—an easy-to-interpret presentation of the echo height and intensity in a single display used for depicting areas of severe weather; determines the maxima data value for the horizontal and two vertical projections — East-West and North–South.

         PPI: Plan Position Indicator—a full screen image that shows the distribution of the selected data parameter on a constant elevation angle surface; primarily used for weather surveillance purposes.

         RAIN1: Hourly Rain Accumulation—uses CAPPI or SRI data over a defined time interval, generally 60 minutes, to obtain an estimate of the rainfall that fell within that hour.

         RAINN: N–Hour Rain Accumulation—rainfall accumulation of the last N hours.

         SRI: Surface Rainfall Intensity—reflects the estimate of the rainfall rate at the terrain surface.

         THICK: Echo Thickness—a color-coded map of echo thickness heights for the selected dBZ contour.

         TOPS: Echo Tops—a color–coded map of the highest altitude for the selected dBZ level; indicator of severe weather and hail.

         VIL: Vertically Integrated Liquid—a color–coded map of the estimated depth of water (in mm) contained in a selectable atmospheric layer; indicator of severe storm.

Selecting the Product Type

To select a product type:

  1. In the top panel, click the down arrow next to the Product Type menu.

  2. Select a product type. The Product Name menu is populated with the associated product types, and the map view displays the first product name listed.


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