Time Slider

The Time Slider is configured to choose a time period in which to animate data. IRIS Vision supports displaying data up to 48 hours prior to the current time.

Time Slider Controls

Play/Stop Buttons

Click the Play button to start the playback animation. The playback continually loops back to the beginning of the time line until the Stop button is clicked. If the animation runs to the current time, it automatically updates with newer data as it becomes available. When not animating, and if the time slider button is left on the current time, the data also automatically updates.

Speed Button

Slide the button to change the speed (range is from 2 frames/sec to 25 frames/sec).

NOTE: To configure the animation speed, see Preferences Basics.

Current Date Time Button

Displays the current date and time during the playback animation.

Time Slider Button

Left-click either Time Slider button, then hold and drag to change the length of time for the playback animation.

Using the Mouse to Control the Time Slider

There are two ways to use the mouse to control the time slider:

         Place the mouse in the time slider area and use the mouse wheel to move the Current Date Time button forward or backward.

         Left-click the Current Date Time button, then hold and drag to move the Current Date Time button incrementally forward or backward.


You can use the Time Slider Controls to display:

         Current observed data.

         Current time to past 48 hours.

         Playback animated data, such as radar image.


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