Help Basics

There are several methods to access help within the application:

         Online Help System

         Context-Sensitive Help


Online Help System

The online Help system provides topic-oriented information about the application. To access the online Help system, click the Help button in the application header. The online Help system displays in a separate browser tab.

Buttons and Topic Links

Contents - Displays the list of topics in the Contents panel.

Topic - A top level topic (similar to a chapter name).

To select a topic, click the topic name in the left panel. The selected topic is highlighted in the list and a drop-down menu of sub-topics is displayed in the left panel. NOTE: The topic does not have any content associated with it, only the sub-topics contain content.

Sub-topic - A sub level topic (similar to headings within a chapter).

To select a sub-topic, click the sub-topic name in the left panel. The selected sub-topic is highlighted and the associated content is displayed in the panel on the right.

Search - Displays the Type in the word(s) to search for text box that allows you to search the entire online Help system for a particular word(s).

To search for a word(s), type the word(s) in the Type in the word(s) to search for text box and press Enter. If the search term exists, a table displays with the associated topic title and a ranking. If the search term does not exist, "No topics found" displays.


         Highlight search results check box highlights the search word(s) within the topic(s) found.

         Search results per page text box limits the number of topics listed per page in the results table.

Print - Prints the current page.

Opening/Closing the Content Panel

         To close the Contents panel, click .

         To display the Contents (left pane) again, click the Contents button.

Context Sensitive Help

Context-Sensitive Help (CSH) is a specific topic page that provides information related to the area near the CSH icon. To access a CSH topic, click the Help icon within the application.


A tooltip is pop-up text that provides specific information related to the area near the tooltip icon. To access a tooltip, hover your mouse over the Tooltip icon within the application.

Navigating Between Help Pages

Links called "breadcrumbs" appear in the upper right hand corner of the online Help system. They provide a path of the topics within the Contents panel.

For example: Home > Introduction > Application Header

See Also

The See Also area at the bottom of a topic provides a list of topics that are related to the topic page.


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